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Facebook Pages: 5 Ways to Intergrate Twitter

Posted in Facebook Pages by rainysiew on July 7, 2009

1) Involver’s Twitter For Pages

This is one cool app. IMO the only app you will ever need.

Just go to Involver.com’s Application Gallery, look for the Twitter app and follow through.

facebook pages twitter 2

I love this app because it allows you to have

a) Twitter on it’s own tab

b) Twitter for auto status updates

c) An invite your friends feature. So you don’t even need to worry about weird <fb:request-form> tags.

When you register, Involver allows you to have a 14-trial of it’s pro version. In the free version, you’re fixed with five tweets and a basic black theme (which isn’t all that bad). The invite friends box comes with both. In the pro version, you get to customize your theme, add a banner image, choose your number of tweets to display and a few other things..


2) Get your ‘Follow Us On Twitter’ badge

facebook pages twitter 11

You can design your own badge or use one of the icons from resources like this, this, or this.

You can get the html for an image link from my last post here. Link the badge to your twitter profile.


3) Use Twitter RSS

Go to your twitter page, e.g. mine would be twitter.com/ndonline. Scroll down, on the right sidebar, you’ll find ‘RSS feed of someone‘s updates‘. Copy that link.

Next. Paste that link into any RSS app. Please note that this works on some apps only.facebook pages twitter rss feed

I went back to involver to use their RSS for Pages app. Works well.


4) Update Your Facebook Status With Twitter

facebook pages twitter status update

You can sync your twitter updates with your facebook status updates. And you can be selective of which tweets you want published on your facebook as well.


5) Other Apps

Lastly, you can always browse through Facebook’s Application Directory for Twitter apps that work with Facebook Pages / Public Profiles.


So that’s it from me. It’s midnight where I am right now so I’m a bit exhausted. Anything that I missed out on?

Hope it helps. As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, just drop me a line on the FBML Discussion Board.

Thanks for reading.

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